Necessary Documents for COI Inspection

Necessary Documents for COI Inspection

please Necessary documents required for issuance of inspection certificate VOC /COI Advertising Clearance  VOC跟COI认证需要的文件

Please send the following documents to us 我们所需要的文件如下

  1. the ultimate Packing List (PL) 最终的箱单
  2. Commercial Invoice 发票
  3. Manufacturer/Supplier Declaration Letter 生产商/供应商声明 (有模板提供)
  4. Test reports based on international standards 根据国际标准做的测试报告以及相关证书
  5. Drawing (escalators and other products) 图纸(扶梯等产品须提供)
  6. Copy of original B / L 提单
  7. more information about the products and other proof of purchase documentation which is included 另外一些补充材料, 会根据你们的产品具体要求不同文件,届时会邮件通知。

New inspection conditions according to the new standards department rules:根据新标准部门规定的新检验条件:
1- Going to the seller or manufacturer, inspecting and sampling the goods, sealing the samples and sending them to the laboratory with 17025 certificate and preparing the inspection report, photos and videos must be taken of all the cases.
The item must be marked so that it cannot be exchanged.

1- 到销售商或制造商处,对货物进行检查和取样,封存样品并将其送往具有 17025 证书的实验室,并编写检查报告,必须对所有情况进行拍照和录像。

2- Starting the test in the ISO 17025 laboratory, according to international standards and accepted by the National Standards Organization
(The tests must be done according to Iran’s laws. For example, it may be an electrical product and according to the laws, it should have functional, safety, electromagnetic and energy test labels. In this case, you cannot do the performance test alone)
Until the end of the test, the buyer is not allowed to load the goods.

2- 根据国际标准在 ISO 17025 实验室开始测试,并得到国家标准组织的认可

3- After the end of the test and receiving test results, loading inspection should be done and the goods can be transported.

3- 测试结束并收到测试结果后,应进行装载检查,并可以运输货物。