Audit and Inspection Society rules for test reports

Audit and Inspection Society rules for test reports

Dear All supplier and manufacture





Please kindly note that based on the Audit and Inspection Society rules, manufacture’s test report is not acceptable in future inspection, and just third parties accredited laboratories test reports can accept to issue COI Certificate.

Please also note the third parties accredited laboratories should have ISO 17025 Certification.

 The following exception manufacture’s test report can accept:

1-      The country of origin does not testing facilities to check and test the products which produced on that country. 

(So the manufacture should have calibration certification for their testing facilities otherwise manufacturer test report is not acceptable)

2-      The cargo size is big or not convenient to move the samples to the third parties accredited laboratories for test.

3-      The supplier’s or manufacturer’s labs are professional and have enough facilities for test and calibration, but before it the testing and calibration facilities should check by inspection company , after confirmation from inspection head office,  inspector can arrange to inspect and test  the goods in manufacturer’s labs.

4-      All test items should inspect by inspector and have evidence like photos and movie which can make clear that inspector have inspect all test items on the inspection times.

Please note that if Inspection Company could not prepare test reports based on these rules, inspection certificate will reject and failure to obverse the infringement and malpractice by inspection companies.

Best regards

the Audit and Inspection Society