CCPIT include:贸促会主要职责:

CCPIT include:贸促会主要职责:

The major responsibilities of the CCPIT include:

  1. carry out legal consulting, commercial conciliation, trade and maritime arbitration
  2. sign and issue Certificates of Origin for export products and other certificates and documents related to foreign trade
  3. Accept and hear cases of general and particular average adjustment
  4. Provide proof for force majeure
  5. Provide relevant documents and guarantee with companies, enterprises or individuals that are dealing with temporary export
  6. Provide intellectual property services such as patent application, trade mark registration, litigation and rights safeguarding
  7. Organize industries and enterprises to cope with trade disputes
  8. Provide trade and economic information, training services etc.


  • 办理国际经济贸易和海事仲裁事务
  • 出具中国出口商品原产地证明书, 签发和认证对外贸易和海上货运业务的文件和单证
  • 受理共同海损和单独海损理算案件
  • 出具人力不可抗拒证明
  • 为到国外从事临时出口活动的公司、企业或个人出具有关单证册,并对其提供担保
  • 提供知识产权认证,例如专利申请、商标注册、起诉以及维权
  • 组织调节行业、企业间的贸易纠纷