Difference between VOC and COI

Difference between VOC and COI

What is the difference between VOC and COI inspection certificates?


They are basically same and follow the same documentary process with same documents. Normally we call it COI inspection when we inspect the cargo before loading and VOC inspection after pass Custom Clearance in the destination.

VOC 跟COI认证所需的文件以及文件流程基本一样,一般装柜前验货就是COI认证,目的地清关后验货则为VOC认证。

In connection with issuing VOC and COI certificates, the quality of the goods which is essential must be agreed by both parties and should be covered in the purchase documents. Observational tests check the conformity of materials and goods. The supplier and manufacturer should provide laboratory confirmation of compliance reports and the inspector should sign them. Once the process is completed, the VOC will be attached to the certificate.